Burst Pipes and Leak Detection

Burst Pipes and Leak Detection

Burst Pipes and Leak Detection

Quickly Detect and Resolve Burst Pipes and Leaks

South Aussie Plumbing & Hot Water are your Adelaide burst pipes and leak detection specialists, covering all metropolitan suburbs of Adelaide 7 days a week. We offer a complete plumbing maintenance and repair service for your home or commercial property. We are a locally owned and operated South Australian plumbing company and will have a fully insured and licensed Adelaide plumber to your location, arriving in a fully equipped van to assist with any burst or leaking pipe repair.

A leaking or burst pipes should be attended to upon first signs before the problem has time to escalate, resulting in structural damage to your property. Some signs that a leaking pipe may be present include:

  • Damp, mouldy or discoloured patches on your floors, ceilings or walls
  • Musty odours
  • A water stained or sagging ceiling
  • Faulty electrical outlets or fittings
  • Unexplained structural wall cracks
  • Higher than normal water bills for no apparent reason
  • Hearing dripping or running water when all taps are turned off
  • Pooling water, loose pavers or cracking concrete on your exterior property for no apparent reason
  • A decrease in water pressure

Repair leaking or burst pipes in Adelaide

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A leaking pipe can go undetected for some time until the damage begins to surface, but a burst pipe is usually much more obvious as the damage occurs much quicker. Leaking or burst water pipes can happen at any time, in any plumbed property new or old, and are mainly caused by either tree roots, the age of the pipework, corrosion, incorrect pipe installation, ground movements, temperature fluctuations, rodent damage or pipe blockages. No matter the cause of your burst or leaking pipe call South Aussie Plumbing & Hot Water on 0493 683 303 for a prompt and reliable pipe leak detection and repair service in Adelaide, we have you covered for all leak repair services including:

  • Water leak detection and repair
  • Gas leak detection and repair
  • Bathroom leaks, kitchen leaks and laundry leaks
  • Leaking or dripping tap repairs or replacements
  • Leaking shower repairs
  • Leaking toilet repairs
  • Roof leak detection and repairs

A leaking pipe can not only cause damage to your property, but can also dramatically increase your water bills and, depending on the pipe in question, could cause groundwater contamination – especially if it is a sewer pipe. If you do notice a sudden rise in your water bills but you haven’t been using water excessively then call us for a reliable leak detection service.

If your burst or leaking pipe is beyond repair your attending Adelaide plumber from South Aussie Plumbing & Hot Water will be able to provide a pipe replacement and will supply you with a no obligation quote before any pipe replacement works are undertaken.

If a pipe bursts on your property we do recommend that you shut off the water supply at the mains to try to prevent an excess flow of water and then call us on 0493 683 303 for an Adelaide burst pipe repair specialist. We have a fully insured and licensed plumber available 7 days a week, provide pensioner discounts and do not charge a call out fee.

You can trust that you are in good hands when you enlist the services of South Aussie Plumbing & Hot Water in Adelaide.

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