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For a reliable, friendly, and fully licensed plumber, call the experts from South Aussie Plumbing & Hot Water. We operate 7 days a week and can assist with any gas fitting or plumbing requirement including;

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We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services in South Australia. So, if you have a Plumbing emergency, Hot Water Service Emergency or Gas Leak Emergency any time day or night, call us.

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Why choose South Aussie Plumbing for your plumbing Requirements ?

When you call South Aussie Plumbing and Hot Water on 0493 683 303 you can trust that you will be speaking with a plumber, not a call centre. This way we can completely understand your plumbing requirement from the get go and come to your location fully prepared.

Blocked drains Croydon

A blocked drain will most likely occur due to ageing collapsed pipework, tree root infiltrations or from foreign objects becoming lodged. You can reduce the risk of a blocked drain by simply being mindful of what you are washing down your sinks, flushing into your toilets and where you plant trees. If you do experience a blocked drain then call us any day of the week for a prompt repair.

For no hot water, a suspected gas leak, a blocked toilet, kitchen or bathroom plumbing renovations and everything in-between call the plumber from South Aussie Plumbing & Hot Water.

Your local Croydon plumber

At South Aussie Plumbing & Hot Water we can assist no matter your plumbing or gas fitting situation. If you want a quality plumber who does not charge call-out fees, is available 7 days a week, provides pensioner discounts and free quotes then call us today or complete our online free quote form.